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Tag: online reputation

3 Ways Social Media Impacts Reputation Management

At any given moment, conversations may be happening about your brand online (both positive and negative). Some of those conversations could be happening on dedicated review platforms, but others might appear on social media — maybe even right on your own page. At times, you might feel like your reputation

Mini Case Studies: 3 Powerful Ways Our Technology Boosts Brand Reputation

Businesses today can’t have a conversation about brand reputation without considering their online presence. Reputation management continues to be a critical component of online marketing today; in 2020 alone, an estimated 87% of consumers read reviews online for local businesses, up 6% from the previous year.  That’s why it’s so

Responding to Online Reviews in 3 Easy Steps

At times, you might find yourself staring at a new online review, wondering how to respond to your customer. Sometimes, the response will come easily, like when a customer leaves glowing feedback about your product or service. Other times, you might find yourself responding to online reviews that are more

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

When you’ve worked hard to build a business, negative online reviews can be a real disappointment. You might do everything right, and some customer, somewhere, will manage to find something wrong. Unfortunately, this is simply a fact of doing business in the 21st century. At the same time, negative online

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