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Case Study: How Rallio Technology Helps Assisting Hands Achieve Brand Recognition

Assisting Hands is a provider of home healthcare services to people of all ages, founded on the principles of caring for others in a way that we would also want to be cared for. Through a nationwide team of trained professionals who feel called to give care, Assisting Hands provides non-medical in-home healthcare in the privacy of a client’s home or in an assisted living facility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As one of the leading in-home care franchises, the company is a member of the International Franchise Association and has earned numerous accolades as a top franchise by organizations like Franchise Business Review and Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500.


Prior to working with Rallio, Assisting Hands did not have a systemized way to manage and grow its presence on social media at both the corporate and local franchisee level. “When we started, our brand only had 30 locations and we were excited to leverage Rallio’s technology to increase our brand uniformity and begin posting on social media for all our locations,” says Andrew Dahle, Chief Operations Officer of Assisting Hands.

Lack of consistent branding can be a real problem for franchisors as their franchisees begin posting on their own local pages. The end result is oftentimes a disjointed brand that lacks the type of recognition needed to build credibility and trust among followers and customers. This brand recognition is critical in the home healthcare industry, where consumers need to feel a brand is trustworthy before allowing them to work with their loved ones in a healthcare capacity.

As HomeCare magazine points out, “Nothing dissuades consumers more than a moving target. Yet many small businesses tend to struggle with brand consistency. Even the slightest change, such as a minor color alteration, may prove disastrous. Therefore, brand consistency is mission-critical. Business owners who have less experience in the marketing world may assume that so long as banners, posters or ads look good they will see decent results. In reality, all materials need to fall within the given parameters of the brand — meaning color, design and overall appearance must be consistent with all other materials, such as a logo, website, letterhead, etc.”


Rallio’s platform allows for a high level of branding consistency by providing controls and permissions from corporate down to the location level. Assisting Hands headquarters and multi-location owners have the ability to syndicate assets to franchisees from one central dashboard, while viewing deep analytics on the engagement, follower growth and other data across the brand. At the location level, franchisees can also schedule posts using local content such as photos and videos to help build their local audience.

Meanwhile, the dashboard also pulls in post engagements such as comments and likes, plus direct messages and online reviews from connected review platforms. This enables all locations to consistently reply to their followers and clients, boosting their overall online reputation and ensuring every client feels heard and cared for.


With Rallio’s technology, Assisting Hands has seen consistent growth of its social pages, helping them achieve the brand recognition and trustworthiness they need among its audience. Beyond that, Assisting Hands has established a partnership with Rallio that ensures they always have the latest technology solutions to help them navigate their growth and achieve new marketing goals.

“Over the years, I’ve been impressed with Rallio’s commitment to innovation; they are determined to remain cutting edge, not just relevant,” says COO Dahle. “We now have over 80 locations, and we use Rallio as an integral part of our branding — from posting on social media to replying to reviews and all the analytics in between. The whole Rallio team is always professional and willing to help. I wholeheartedly, without reservation, recommend Rallio!”

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