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Author: amanda

How to Make a Good Offer

In marketing for franchisors and franchisees, we often get asked this question: “How do we make a good offer?” Everyone’s trying to figure out how to turn online interactivity into off-line, in-store sales. And when done right, a compelling offer can do just that. When you’re

Should You Try to Get More Facebook Likes?

The quick answer is no. You should try to get more engagement. The long answer is more complicated. First off, let me make a few disclaimers here. I’m not addressing the businesses that have five, 10 or 30 likes. If your business only has as

How to Reach More People on Facebook

It’s the question every franchisee and brand marketer has been asking for the last few years, ever since Facebook diminished the reach of page posts to 1 to 4 percent of all page followers: How do I get more people to see my content? The

8 Best Practices for Social Media Images

Photos add the most value to your social media content marketing strategy. They consistently get the most shares on Facebook over text, links and video (though video engagement has risen with the auto-play settings on Facebook and Twitter).  To make sure you’re sharing images with the greatest potential,

Social Media and the Importance of Immeasurable Value

ROI. Everyone’s looking for it. It’s a short leap from being able to track engagement online to asking how it will help your business. Through the power of the internet, the ability to monitor and analyze data from marketing efforts has never been greater. We

How to Be a Hashtag Expert

Whether you’ve been watching the news, looking at a billboard or gone to a tech-friendly wedding, you’ve probably seen a hashtag being promoted. Calling for you to use them, people, organizations and businesses have rallied around hashtags as a way to draw attention, discuss a

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