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Top Social Media Management Tools from Rallio

When you consider the number of social media management tools available, it can feel overwhelming trying to choose the best ones for your franchise. Especially right now when you may be dealing with new challenges related to COVID-19, you need to know that any money you’re spending is being put to good use.

Rallio’s social media management tools are specifically built for franchises. We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the best technology and services to help your business grow. As a Top Franchise Supplier on, Rallio is the preferred supplier for franchise organizations in a variety of industry sectors. 

Below is a quick rundown of the various social media management tools and services we offer. You might find you need just one of these tools, or you might need all of them. It varies from business to business. But regardless of what you may need, you can get started with any or all of them quite cost-effectively. 

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Rallio Dashboard

This is the technology behind everything we do. The Rallio app gives you both a desktop dashboard and a mobile app to manage every aspect of your social media pages. 

Built for franchises and multi-unit businesses, the Rallio dashboard lets you control your brand’s social and review pages from one simple spot. As a franchisor or multi-unit owner, you can also syndicate content to different types of franchisees and set permissions. The powerful platform also gives you access to robust analytics, like your engagements and high-performing content. 

In the database, you can see all the content you’ve created, schedule it, syndicate it, delete or edit it, and view and upload all your assets like images and videos. The Inbox pulls in all your incoming comments and direct messages and lets you reply directly within the Rallio app. Meanwhile, the Outbox shows you everything you’ve published.

You’ll also find the Sandbox, a one-of-a-kind feature with content pulled together from all your many locations. Franchisees can see which local content is performing the best in their brand — and either get ideas to create posts or even reuse content on their own page! 

After all, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself. The Sandbox gives you a virtual space to come together and gain inspiration among fellow franchisees. 

Another unique feature is the Reviews tab, which pulls in reviews from the major review platforms and lets you respond directly to Google My Business and Facebook reviews.

If you like healthy competition, the Leaderboard keeps a running tally of how your locations are performing on their social media pages — from assets submitted to engagement on posts. 

Once you start using the Rallio Dashboard, you’ll no doubt find it addicting — and so will franchisees. Get everyone in sync for a consistent, powerful brand presence from corporate down to the location level.


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Rallio Local

Rallio Local combines the power of the Rallio technology with the creativity of real people. With Rallio Local, you work with actual humans on every aspect of your social media. You also get all the bells and whistles of our technology to make management and measurement simple and streamlined.

Our team creates and schedules weekly, custom, local posts to your social media pages. We pair you with a Social Strategist to deliver hyper-local content that gets seen by your audience through fully managed ad campaigns. It’s this type of engaging, real-life content that gets your audience in your business and your pages.

You also receive custom responses to your online reviews, social media comments and direct messages. If you prefer to have someone else manage and grow your social media presence, the Rallio Local program would be the best for you.

Rallio Activate

Your employees are already on social media all throughout the day. Flip the switch with Rallio Activate, and you can leverage the power of your employees to reach customers like never before. 

Incentivize employees with rewards programs that you create, and collect assets into your brand’s image library. Have them submit their own photos and videos to earn points, and publish your brand-approved content on their personal profiles. 

With Rallio Activate, you build confidence in your brand. It’s human nature to trust the recommendation of a third party over the brand itself. Rallio Activate builds upon the positive experiences that employees are having with your company to light up your social media presence even more.


Ever wish you had an easy way to get more positive online reviews? Revv is the tool for you. 

Easily send out quick surveys after a sale to ask customers about their experience. Positive feedback sends customers to the review platform of your choice. Negative feedback gets taken offline so you can contact the customer directly and resolve the problem. 

With Revv, you not only get more positive reviews, but you also get a chance to handle any issues and make your business even better. With online reviews being so important right now — more so than ever — it’s imperative you have a way to connect with customers after the sale and make sure everything is just right. 

Which Rallio Social Media Management Tools Do You Need?

Goldman Sachs predicts the pandemic will force “an acceleration toward an e-world.” In that world, social media and your online presence will play even more important roles in your business’ success. 

Rallio’s suite of social media management tools and services are designed to help you navigate that “e-world” with greater ease. Whether you want to be fully involved or take a hands-free approach and let us handle it for you, we have a solution for every need and budget.

Now that you’ve read through the options, the next step is to schedule a demo. It takes less than 10 minutes and the rewards can be exponential if you get started today. Give us a shout at and we’ll get you plugged in.

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