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31 Days of Social Media Content Ideas

When it comes to posting regularly on social media, sometimes that’s easier said than done for busy small-business owners. Oftentimes when we talk to franchisees or independent operators, they tell us they’re stumped on content ideas. And getting stumped can mean not posting anything at all.

To help you avoid the dreaded writer’s block and a page with outdated content, we’ve put together an entire month’s worth of content ideas below. You’ll still need to put in a little effort to bring these content ideas to life. However, keeping this list of content ideas handy will take away at least some of the struggle associated with posting to social media.

Keep in mind, your work is not done once you post something to your social profiles. All the content ideas and social media posts in the world won’t mean much if you don’t engage with your followers. By engaging, we mean:

  • Replying back to their social media comments, direct messages and reviews
  • Boosting your content to make it more visible to followers and their friends
  • Handling any customer service inquiries in a timely fashion (yes, social media is a customer service medium)
  • Responding to job applications if you have an active recruiting campaign
  • Basically staying on top of your social media 24/7

If all of the above sounds exhausting, and if even these content ideas seem overwhelming, feel free to schedule some time with us. We’d be happy to throw some ideas around of how Rallio can assist with your social media management.

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31 Days of Content Ideas You Can Start Using Today

1. Are you hiring right now? Film a video of yourself or a manager explaining the benefits of working for you. Let your followers know how to apply — you can even create a job posting on Facebook and link over to it to help streamline the process.

2. Team member Tuesday! Snap a photo of a star employee and tell your followers what’s so great about them. Ask your followers to comment with their own shoutouts if they’ve interacted with your employee before.

3. What’s your top-selling product or service? Take a video explaining its benefits and why your followers should give it a try!

4. Throwback Thursday! Share a special photo from the past — whether from the first days of your grand opening or a team event last month. Add the #tbt hashtag and a few details about this momentous occasion!

5. Have you received any new reviews or thank-you messages from customers? Create a post with their testimonial! has some great tools for creating posts that are perfectly sized for different social media platforms.

Testimonial Tuesday! It's always a pleasure to hear about how we have helped our guests at Massage Heights Rancho…

Posted by Massage Heights on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

6. Do you have any special promotions right now? Create a post highlighting your sales or unique offers, and boost it to extend your reach!

7. Meet the team Monday! Share a photo of your entire team or just one or two individuals. Thank them for all their hard work, especially if they’re putting in extra effort during the pandemic.

8. What are the holidays or “national” days, weeks or months happening right now? Check out the National Day Calendar or Days of the Year for ideas of what you can post! Look for opportunities to tie these days into your business, too. For instance, Relaxation Day on Aug. 15 is perfect for massage businesses or other companies focused on self-care.

9. New employee spotlight! Highlight any new team members with a photo and any fun facts about them.

10. You can also do an owner spotlight to share your own background story on how you started your business and why you love what you do.

Employee shoutout for Adelina Silva! She has been with the Merry Maids team for 17 years now! We truly can say she is…

Posted by Merry Maids on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

11. How have you been helping your local community during the pandemic? Share some details on any special services you’re offering or the protocols you’re following to keep your community safe.

12. Have any employee testimonials to share? Snap a photo of your employee, and caption it with a few words on why they love working at your business.

13. Have you seen any good brain teasers or riddles on social media lately? Share it with your followers and ask them to comment with their answers! 

14. Do you have any routines or tips that have helped you during the pandemic? Share a few words of advice on anything you’ve done to stay active, stay in touch with loved ones or stay sane in these uncertain times!

15. What’s it like to run your business day-to-day? Describe a typical “day in the life” for your followers, and share a photo showing a glimpse behind the scenes!

16. Do you have any recent jobs or customer orders you’ve completed that were particularly successful? Share a photo or video with some details! If it makes sense for your business, you could include before-and-after photos or any other visuals that show a job well-done.

Two Maids & A Mop of Naperville Before and After

At Two Maids & A Mop of Naperville, we work hard to make sure you can see a difference between before and after cleaning your home – see for yourself!

Posted by Two Maids & A Mop of Naperville on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

17. Have you taken any “staycations” or local trips recently? Share a photo of how you like to enjoy your time off! Ask your followers to share similar photos in the comments.

18. What’s a fun fact about your business or something unique about your business that not many people know? Tell your followers about it!

We've got an amazing art tutor called Kelly Frank offering summer art school online. Starting from Monday 27th July.Visit to book now!

Posted by Tutor Doctor Warwick on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

19. How do you start your day? Tell your followers about your morning routine and how it sets you up for a successful day. 

20. Ever had any celebrity customers or encounters? Or memorable customer experiences? Share a throwback telling your followers about it!

21. What were you doing before starting your business? Tell your followers about the moment you decided to go into business for yourself.

22. What is the biggest project you’ve ever taken on? Let your followers know what went into getting the job done!

23. Who’s your mentor — the person who helped shape your path and inspires you every day? Share a photo and some details about why they’re so awesome!

24. Share some Wednesday wisdom! Pick out a favorite quote and use to create an image with it. Or create a video with expert tips. Use the hashtag #wednesdaywisdom.

We hear our no cost-printer program is too good to be true. We lay it all on the line with this video.

Posted by Cartridge World on Thursday, July 23, 2020

25. What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend? Share a photo of you enjoying Sunday brunch, an outdoor adventure or a hidden gem in your town.

26. Do you have kids or pets? Snap a photo with your “baby” in all their cuteness!

27. Any birthdays coming up on your team? Send out a birthday greeting on their special day — maybe throw in a delivery of flowers or edible treats!

Finn came in to celebrate for his 2nd birthday! ? When's your pets birthday?:)#PSPAirport

Posted by Pet Supplies Plus – Toledo, OH – Airport Hwy on Saturday, August 1, 2020

28. What hobbies do you enjoy? Share a photo or video of you in your element — whether you like painting, hiking or working on cars.

29. Have any new recipes you’ve tried out during the pandemic? Share a photo of your favorite dish and caption it with cooking instructions!

30. Where did you grow up? Share a childhood photo and a favorite memory with your followers.

31. What’s your best tip for people who want to go into business for themselves? Offer a few words of advice to your followers!

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Keep Your Content Ideas Fresh

You can recycle any of the content ideas above from month to month and keep your page updated, interesting, entertaining and informative. But don’t be afraid to come up with content ideas of your own! 

Once you get in a groove posting to your pages, you’ll likely start coming up with even more ideas. You can even invite your employees to get in on the fun by snapping photos in and around your location.

As always, reach out to us via with any questions or to schedule a demo. Happy posting!

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