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Are You a Social Media Success Story? Rallio Can Help You Get There

Recently in our Friday morning Zoom calls, our team has been sharing stories of the different ways we’ve had a positive impact on clients. Each social media success story of which we’ve been a part is a win-win for both the client and for Rallio. They benefit from our expertise and technology, and we have the satisfaction of knowing we’ve made a difference in their business — and beyond.

This is an important point to understand, because it contributes to the “why” — why we do what we do. By the same token, the client with a social media success story gets to be reminded of their why, too.

Take it a step further, and you begin to see that each impactful moment helps not just the business owner, but oftentimes their own customers or employees. It’s a ripple effect that you’ll notice if you start looking for how these small moments add up to lasting positive effects.

Social Media Success Story: Recruiting

Impactful moment: One of our Social Media Strategists, along with a member of our sales team, worked with the franchisee of a residential cleaning business. The client, one of many within the franchise organization, had been trying to recruit new employees through Facebook. 

In working with the franchisee, we were able to provide some insights on recruiting via Facebook. We also reminded her of the various tools available in Rallio to help spread the word about her job openings.

Previously, this owner felt overwhelmed by social media and didn’t know where to begin with her Facebook recruiting efforts. We were able to step in and shed some light on the ways our technology and services could help her.

Why it matters: Recruiting via social media is a smart way to share your job openings and find qualified applicants. You can reach a targeted market of candidates and allow them to easily apply online. Social media recruiting has become an indispensable part of hiring today. With Rallio’s help, we can simplify the process and help set you up for success.

Drill down deeper: Helping a client with their recruiting needs helps not only the business owner, but also the applicant. Ultimately, we’re helping someone find a job while also helping the owner fill a hiring need.

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Social Media Success Story: Pet Adoptions

Impactful moment: Rallio’s Social Media Strategists frequently assist our pet retailer client in spreading awareness for their pet adoption events, held in conjunction with local animal shelters. The events take place at individual locations, and our Strategists work directly with franchisees to create adoption-related posts.

Our Strategists not only create posts, but help boost the content — spreading the awareness even further. Additionally, locations are able to keep their content organized using the Rallio Database and view detailed post analytics. 

In partnership with Rallio, the entire franchise organization has benefitted from Rallio Local services. Moreover, Rallio has been able to help grow the brand on social media via boosted posts, local content for franchisees, and responses to their online reviews. PSP is set for a strong year of growth in 2021, and Rallio is proud to be a part of helping them to grow their social pages.

Drill down deeper: When the client’s social media posts result in a successful pet adoption, it’s allowing a fur baby to find a forever home. It’s also allowing the family to experience the joy of welcoming in a new animal companion.

As we near the finish line of our #100adoptions promotion, we would like to hear from some of the families who have…

Posted by Pet Supplies Plus – Goose Creek, SC on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Social Media Success Story: Online Reviews

Impactful moment: In one conversation between a Rallio Local Strategist and a fitness center client, the client discussed a negative review his location had received. The client wasn’t sure how to handle this review, and they were able to work together to craft an appropriate response. 

The conversation also served as an educational moment for the client. Our Strategist was able to remind him of the powerful tools available to him on the Rallio Dashboard.

“I enjoyed having this discussion over the phone rather than via email because we were able to have a more personal conversation. He actually attended SDSU as well, so it was nice to connect on that and talk about his time when he used to live in California,” says Kayla, the Strategist who works with this client. “Rallio does not simply just provide a platform that clients can manage their social media through. There are real people behind the technology who want to help all our clients. It’s also really nice to talk on the phone with clients because they can then put a voice to the name.” 

It’s one thing to have social media technology, which our clients can access for social media management, scheduling, and responding to social media engagements. Now just imagine having a Strategist available to offer their expertise and guidance. This is the “secret sauce” that sets Rallio apart and enables us to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Drill down deeper: Providing a response to a negative review shows the customer you care. There have been many situations in which we’ve been able to respond to reviews on our clients’ behalf and resolve problems — which makes everyone happy. We also have technology (called Revv) that enables the acceleration of positive reviews, helping to boost a client’s online reputation.

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Social Media Success Story: More Time

Impactful moment: One client tells us Rallio Local services are exactly what she was looking for. She says the content posted on her social profiles matched what she envisioned for her page and what she needed for her business.

“Most importantly, it has given me the flexibility to focus on other areas of my growing business,” she adds. “I highly recommend [Rallio] for all levels of social media users!”

What would it mean to you to be able to run your business without worrying about your social media pages? That’s time you can spend elsewhere while we propel your online growth.

Drill down deeper: The owner who outsources their social media social media marketing and management has more time to run their business. It might mean more time for networking, employee hiring and retention, financial management, expansion efforts and more. Outsourcing also saves money, since you’re not spending the money on a full-time employee.

In Conclusion

From one social media success story to the next, the common theme is that Rallio is able to partner with clients for results. 

If you’re hoping to have a social media success story of your own, then get inspired by this quick roundup we’ve provided below. These tales of social success might help remind you of why you’re doing what you do — and start tailoring your content to meet specific goals you have for your business.

Did you know? Over 1.6 billion people around the world are connected to a small business on Facebook. (Facebook 2018) (Source:

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