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Why Does Social Media Matter for Small Businesses? Our Social Strategists Explain

It’s a question that any small-business owner faces sooner or later: Why does social media matter for small businesses? It’s easy to put off the answer when you have other priorities, such as hiring and retention, lead generation and customer acquisition.

But when you start really digging into what social media is and what it can do for your business, you can’t ignore the fact that social media matters a great deal for small businesses. Not only can it help with all of the priorities mentioned above, but it can allow your business to grow consistently and build a strong online reputation. 

To answer the question posed in our headline, we turned to our in-house experts, the Social Strategists who help our clients navigate the social media space.

Specialized Social Strategist, Phoebe

Rallio Local is a technology that allows business owners to manage and monitor all their social media platforms in one dashboard with a single login. Our Social Strategists are the creative geniuses who create a personalized strategy and custom content, as well as respond to and monitor all your reviews, comments and messages.

“Social media is really important for small businesses to increase brand awareness, create strong relationships with customers, and story-tell on these platforms that allow you to be so authentic,” Phoebe explains. “Small businesses have really unique and interesting messages to share, and they have these fans out there waiting to find them. So you want them to have a really strong, positive first impression when they see what you’re doing online and read about you and come across your page.

“And once that happens and they interact with you and you engage back with them, you’re creating this foundation and this relationship for them to then do business with you in real life and become a loyal customer for life and share your name with friends and family.”

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Kayla, Social Strategist

“Rallio Local is a local-specific technology that performs agency-like work; however, us Strategists then come in and we oversee the brand’s marketing plan and we give ideas for what we’d want to promote on social media,” says Kayla. “I think it’s great because you can really build a relationship with your Strategist here at Rallio, and we as strategists really get to know our clients on a personal basis.”

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Laynie, Social Strategist

Rallio Local is “super effective for business owners because it makes their lives so much easier,” says Laynie. “They don’t have to deal with the kind of complicated and annoying process that marketing and social marketing can be. We deal with the reviews; we create the content; we come up with out-of-box ideas; we do all of that to make their life easier.”

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Why Does Social Media Matter for Small Businesses?

If you’ve made it this far and watched the videos above, you should be answering “yes” to the question, does social media matter for small businesses? We’d also like to show you how Rallio can help lighten your load. When you allow our team of experts and our technology to do the heavy lifting for you, you have more time to put back into your business.

Plus, working with our team is pretty dang fun, if we do say so ourselves. Check out the library of video content in our YouTube channel for Social Spots with Roscoe, our “Just Makes Sense” series and lots of other entertaining (and informative) content.

And don’t forget to head over to to see our full suite of products and services, including our Revv reputation management app that integrates with your POS system and makes it easy to increase your positive online reviews immediately after every sale.

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