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Case Study: How Premium Service Brands Franchise Boosts Social Local Presence With Rallio

Premium Service Brands is a multi-brand franchisor with franchisees in a variety of home services niches, including painting, housecleaning, plumbing, and garage door services. The company has tapped into a lucrative market of homeowners who would rather pay someone to complete home improvement and services projects than do it themselves. By saving homeowners time and providing expert help in eight different verticals, Premium Services Brands has grown into an industry leader. 


Premium Service Brands prides itself on providing franchisees with the training and support they need to carve out a lucrative niche within their industries. Franchisees are able to take advantage of:

  • Expert training and guidance from the corporate leadership team
  • Marketing and advertising research and strategies for franchisee territories
  • Established brand presence and credibility
  • Franchise management resources designed to help franchisees succeed
  • Support from a network of home service franchisees
  • Culture of honesty, integrity, and respect

Still, Premium Service Brands wanted to provide even more support by way of systemwide social media management and marketing tools. They needed a way to help franchisees build a local presence and streamline the process of creating content, managing reviews and customer engagements on social media, and growing their brands’ presence through social platforms.

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To meet their objectives, Premium Service Brands turned to Rallio, which has been able to provide both the social media technology and the localized content and strategy that aligns with the franchisor’s mission and values, which they describe as follows: 

  • Cultivate a passion for our work
  • Treat all individuals with respect
  • Honor and deliver on our promises
  • Strive for continuous improvement
  • Build a foundation of honesty and integrity
  • View customer service as a way of life
  • Have fun, be healthy, and live well

Rallio’s platform allows the franchise and its franchisees to deliver on these promises by enabling local owners to connect directly with their communities. With varying tiers of service, the Rallio platform provides these owners with one dashboard where they can create and publish content across platforms. Built-in artificial intelligence technology makes content creation even easier. They are also able to respond to customer reviews, comments, and inquiries quickly, increasing engagement and customer satisfaction.

Some owners also choose to opt in to the Rallio Local Premium or “Lite” program to further increase followers, engagement, and brand awareness in their local communities. These programs each offer varying levels of services, depending on how involved a franchisee wants to be in their social media marketing. 


Premium Service Brands franchisees who invested in either the Rallio Local premium or Local Lite program have experienced month-over-month growth of their social media pages. Locations that have opted into some level of Rallio Local services are able to have content consistently posted on their pages. At the Premium level, franchisees can have content boosted for greater reach and ensure daily responses to messages and reviews. 

The combination of Rallio local-specific technology, AI, and social strategy does some or all of the heavy lifting to save franchisees time. In addition, locations utilizing Rallio Local Premium or Lite have also outperformed other locations. Here are some of the growth statistics since starting in March:

Rallio Local Premium clients 

  • Increased their published posts by 1,208
  • Boosted follower counts by 325
  • More than doubled average daily post engagement 

Rallio Local Lite clients 

  • Increased their published posts by 489
  • Boosted follower counts by 174
  • Nearly doubled average daily post engagement 


Working with Rallio has given Premium Service Brands the extra support they need to meet their goals while “having fun, being healthy, and living well.” The franchise seeks franchisees who share their commitment to customer service excellence and passion for their work. It’s no surprise they would expect the same from a social media marketing partner, and Rallio does not disappoint.

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