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Top Social Media Content Ideas Just for COVID-19

If you need social media content ideas, you’re not alone. Many businesses don’t have the time or desire to come up with social media content every day, let alone get it posted with a caption.

Oftentimes, you need look no further than the four walls of your business for ideas — or the digital place where your business “meets” and connects. In one of our recent virtual team meetings here at Rallio, our meeting leader asked us each to share a photo of ourselves outside of work.

We got so many incredible photos — from childhood pictures and travel scenes to pets and significant others. Each image was obviously unique and often funny, with many of the photos sparking conversation. And basically, these are exactly the types of photos we would recommend posting on social media for your business.

That photo of an employee holding a wine glass with her self-manicured nails as she shelters at home? Perfect for social media. That promotional graphic featuring a stock photo of a man spreading his arms out to hug the sky upon on a mountaintop? Well, you can probably keep that one tucked away somewhere you’ll never find it again.

The tricky thing is, you might not always have ideas at hand of what to post on social media. That’s why we send out weekly content ideas to our clients, so they can just pick an idea, snap a photo and get it posted. 

If you’re fresh out of social media content ideas, this quick roundup should get your creative wheels a-spinnin’. We’ve broken the ideas down by industry, but you can easily adapt any of these ideas to suit your own type of business.

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Health and Medical

  • What is your location doing to keep everyone healthy and safe? Take photos of your staff at safety stations in your office, complete with hand sanitizer, gloves and masks.
  • What are some of the FAQ you get about COVID-19? Post a video with an employee answering a handful of the most common questions your lab tends to get.
  • The CDC now recommends wearing face masks out in public. Post a video showing your followers how to make their own face masks using cloth, bandanas, scarves and other household materials. Remind them to wash their hands before and after wearing a mask!
  • Share an inspirational quote or personal story related to COVID-19! Everyone could use a pick-me-up during this challenging time.

Online Education

  • Do you have a teacher or tutor who has gone above and beyond recently, maybe helping a student boost their grade? Post a photo of them with a shoutout to thank them for their hard work!
  • What colleges are your senior students planning to attend? Share photos with them wearing their college sweatshirt, holding up a logo or mascot, or somehow showing their school spirit!
  • As students engage in distance learning, some schools are distributing yard signs for their grads. If you have any graduating seniors, ask them to send in photos with them posing by a “Class of 2020” yard sign or a homemade sign.
  • Kids need your help right now, but so do parents! Share an inspirational message or quote to let them know you care and you’re there for them in these uncertain times.
  • Do you have a Facebook group for your local customers? Let them know how to access it! (Let us know if you need help setting up a local Facebook group to offer extra at-home learning support and resources for children and parents.)

Retail Shops

  • Remind your customers of the contact-free options you have available at your store, such as curbside pickup.
  • In these uncertain times, it’s important to express gratitude for your team. Post a photo of them with a “thank you” message to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work and why you’re grateful for them.
  • With many people working from home, they’ll love doorstep delivery and other local options to access the products they need as they shelter at home — from pet products to work-from-home items such as printer supplies. Take a photo of a delivery driver preparing to make a local delivery.
  • Ask followers to snap photos of their home office setup, with tips on staying productive, ergonomically correct and healthy at home.
  • If you’re open, make sure you communicate that message to customers with your hours of operation and any restrictions you have in place for social distancing.

Automotive Services

  • Are you making any deliveries or picking up vehicles for service? Take a picture of your delivery driver wearing their protective gear before they head out!
  • Host a Q&A on your page! Take a photo of one of your experienced team members, and prompt your followers to ask them some tire-care or service-related questions.
  • Record a quick video to demonstrate how to check tire tread depth! Explain how the “penny test” is a simple way to see when tires need to be replaced.
  • You can post other safety videos or tips, too — like how to check tire pressure, what to do if a tire blows out while driving, or even how to change a tire if you’re feeling ambitious!
  • Thank a customer for a great review! Your current online reviews are so important right now for inspiring confidence in your business. It’s also a best practice to respond to all your reviews, both positive and negative, and reposting a review on your social media pages only adds to the reach.

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Posted by Rubber On Wheels on Thursday, March 26, 2020

 Cleaning and Restoration

  • Do you have any old photos from team events? Post a throwback photo along with a caption expressing gratitude for your hard-working team, and invite your followers to comment on anything they’re grateful for right now.
  • Make sure you express gratitude for your customers as they continue to do business with you. Post a simple “thank you” with a photo of your team to let them know how much you appreciate their loyalty.
  • What are some of the awesome local jobs you’ve done lately? Highlight one or two of them so customers can see the great work you’re doing in the community.
  • Post a “thank you” to your hard-working team members, perhaps with a throwback photo of past team events or conferences.
  • Whether you’re open or closed right now, you can brighten up newsfeeds with an inspirational message or quote.

Need More Social Media Content Ideas? Let Us Know

Hopefully, this will help spark some ideas of ways you can bring life to your social media pages. Feel free to contact us if you’d love getting a weekly email with content ideas delivered to your inbox. We’ll do the thinking so you don’t have to spend time figuring out what to post, and you can focus on running your business! #winwin

As you’re taking care of social distancing, Rallio is here to take care of your social media engagement — with no initial fees. We have many different solutions for all types of businesses to help them navigate the COVID-19 crisis with greater ease. To get started, fill out our online form or reach out to

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