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Tag: coronavirus

3 Marketing Lessons From the Pandemic: One Year Later

If you’re looking for marketing lessons from the pandemic, you don’t have to look far. Just one year ago, businesses were forced to adapt to lockdowns, closures and a new way of doing business. Those that have survived are using marketing lessons from the pandemic to continue growing and staying

5 Simple Reasons to Be Thankful in 2020

There have been too many challenges to count in 2020, and it’s easy to feel deflated, upset or downright angry if you’ve been personally impacted. Dwelling on the challenges only amplifies those feelings. On the flip side, finding reasons to be thankful gives your brain something positive to think about.

How’s Your Customer Response Time? 6 Simple Ways to Step It Up

If your customer response time is lagging on social media, your followers and customers are going to notice. Whether they’re looking to get questions answered or to leave a review, you can count on customers using social media as a customer service channel.  Is your customer response time fast enough

Lessons Learned From the Pandemic: A Conversation With Franchisees

If there are any lessons learned from the pandemic, some of them certainly come from business owners, who are navigating the current challenges day in and day out. Here at Rallio, we work with hundreds of different franchisees and small-business owners. And we’ve seen firsthand how these owners have dug

Pandemic Greatest Hits: Top 7 Secrets to Social Media Success

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, virtually every type of business has had to pivot in order to continue reaching customers — who are spending more time online than ever before. Throughout this time, we at Rallio have been helping businesses find ways to change things up and strategize for social media success.

Top Social Media Content Ideas Just for COVID-19

If you need social media content ideas, you’re not alone. Many businesses don’t have the time or desire to come up with social media content every day, let alone get it posted with a caption. Oftentimes, you need look no further than the four walls of your business for ideas

4 Ways to Tweak Your Social Media Marketing for COVID-19

No matter what the industry, COVID-19 has affected businesses everywhere, along with the consumers who buy from them. Given the global impact this virus has had, it’s important to adjust your messaging and social media marketing to reflect the current times — whether your business is booming or struggling because

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