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Why Use Rallio Local for Your Social Media Needs? Because It Just Makes Sense

When you use Rallio Local for your social media needs, you’ll get the creativity of a social media expert combined with the efficiency of technology. Reviews, comments and social content are handled for you, so you can focus on your business.

But the real reason you’ll want to use Rallio Local for your social media needs? Because it just makes sense. To illustrate this point, we’ve rounded up a few videos in our “Just Makes Sense” series.

Witch Babysitter

Hiring a witch to be your babysitter might sound like a good idea when your kids are misbehaving. But, in reality, you’re not going to trust your babies with someone whose favorite pastimes include riding a broom sans helmet, or mixing up crazy concoctions in a cauldron. That’s one cooking lesson your kids do not need!


Viking Gardener

You wouldn’t hire a viking to be your gardener, would you? Unless you want your backyard to look like a kid with a bad haircut, you’ll probably want to go with — well, an actual actual gardener.


Invisible Man Aerobics

Taking aerobics classes from the Invisible Man might seem like a great way to tune in to your own body. But what happens when you need an expert coaching you on the proper way to do a double kettlebell snatch or claw-fingertip pushups?


Rely on Rallio for Your Social Media Needs

In working with business owners over the years, we’ve come to identify a few truths about being in business for yourself. One of them is that it pays to surround yourself with people who are experts in their field. That’s why most businesses choose to hire, say, an accountant, an attorney or an insurance agent. They are the best at what they do — so you can be the best at what you do in business.

In our case, we are experts who will handle every aspect of your social media, online reputation, directory listings and even recruiting to an extent. Known as Rallio Local, this in-house team consists of social media strategists who work one-on-one with business owners, using technology to streamline the entire process. 

The benefits of hiring social media experts to, well, manage your social media, are numerous:

  • You’ll get time back in your day as a business owner because you’re not worried about your social media. You can focus on other aspects of your business — all the things you love about entrepreneurship that made you start a business in the first place.
  • You’ll have trusted marketing advisors who have your back and keep an eye on your pages for any new comments, reviews, questions and direct messages. Nobody is slipping through the cracks when you have our team on your side.
  • You’ll increase your chances of growing your business faster because your social media marketing will be aligned with your overall marketing strategy. Your dedicated strategist will get clear on your goals and deliver on them.

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How It Works

  • With our winning formula of local content + targeted ads, your social media pages can begin to produce results for you. Local content = Real, authentic photos and videos of people at your business, featuring employees, customers, owners and other actual humans — not stock photos and sales pitches. Targeted boosting = Advertising your content to your followers and their friends to get more eyes on your page and ensure your content is visible.
  • Have special offers, recruitment posts or events? Your Rallio Strategist will work with you to get all the details and schedule out posts strategically, as well as boost them for greater visibility.
  • When your followers engage with you via online reviews, comments or direct messages, our team responds to those engagements (with your input, as needed) within 24 hours. Everything gets pulled into your own dashboard so you can easily see everything in one place. With our Revv technology, we can also help you get new, positive reviews, while negative reviews are handled offline instead of published publicly.
  • What about changes to your hours, address, phone number or other business information? Your Strategist will make sure it gets updated across the web, using our Business Listings service that’s built right into the Rallio technology. 
  • Our technology can also incorporate employee advocacy, so you can get your team involved in creating and posting content, helping to extend the reach of your content through their personal pages.

The key takeaway? Rallio Local gives small-business owners both the technology and the team to be successful on social media. We understand the complexities of your social media needs and are able to navigate them on your behalf.

Whether you want a lot of help or just a little extra push, we can provide the right solution for your small business or franchise brand’s social media needs. Drop us a line at and we can set you up with a quick demo to show you how we can help your business.

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