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Case Study: How Rallio Local Helped ARCpoint Labs Generate Awareness During Uncertain Times

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, there were many unknowns, fears and uncertainties among individuals and businesses alike. With COVID-19 running rampant and many people in need of testing services, ARCpoint Labs stepped in to offer COVID-19 testing at its 119 locations around the country. By offering both in-house and pop-up, drive-thru testing on-site, ARCpoint Labs was able to do its part in identifying positive COVID-19 cases, while also providing a safe, convenient option for anyone who preferred not to enter a facility for testing.

The company, which provides a wide range of testing services for employers and individuals, uses the latest technology and globally recognized quality protocols to provide accurate, reliable and confidential testing to meet all needs. With the help of Rallio’s technology and services, ARCpoint Labs was able to generate greater awareness around their COVID-19 testing services during challenging times. 

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The pandemic and the value of Rallio local social media


ARCpoint Labs needed a way to tell people about their testing options and drive-thru testing locations — a novel alternative to indoor options at the time. Many people were unaware of their local testing sites or nervous about leaving their homes and entering indoor facilities. (Note that as a means of protecting against COVID-19, the CDC has recommended that people avoid crowds and poorly ventilated indoor spaces.)


Rallio, a SaaS platform that provides ARCpoint Labs with social media management technology and services, posted content on local pages and ran targeted ads promoting COVID-19 testing capabilities, including drive-thru testing options — enabling ARCpoint Labs to spread the word about this unheard-of option.

Rallio also provides additional support to ARCpoint Labs locations that have opted into the Rallio Local program. Through Rallio Local, these locations receive custom local content, replies to direct messages and comments as well as online reviews, and a dedicated Social Strategist who works with their location to optimize results. In fact, one of our Social Strategists personally visited an ARCpoint Labs location in April 2020 to get the inside scoop on their COVID-19 antibody testing. 

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Rallio Local helped PSP during the pandemic


Looking at results for those locations on Rallio Local from April through June of last year, the effectiveness of the program is clear:

  • Rallio Local locations gained an average of 78 new followers, while non-Rallio Local locations had an average of just 15. 
  • Rallio Local locations had greater engagement, too, with 106%, 226% and 50% more engagements, respectively, in the three months from April to June.

“The Rallio platform was an essential tool that helped our owners focus on their business and not worry about their social footprint,” says Jamie Clark, Marketing Director for ARCpoint Labs. “Rallio allowed our corporate team to continually push relevant and important ever-changing content to our owners’ social pages, while helping our communities get the testing they needed in the midst of the pandemic. With Rallio’s quick and easy streamlined platform, we were able to spread our reputation as experts in COVID testing solutions.”

Rallio also tested out weekly boosted posts for the Greenville, South Carolina, location. With each boosted post, we learned more about the best verbiage to use in captions, optimal duration of ads, and the most effective calls to action — allowing us to continue fine-tuning and maximizing their results, which are detailed below.

Boost 1

Caption: Did you know ARCpoint Labs in Greenville, SC currently offers COVID-19 testing in the comfort of your own car? With our drive thru services, all you need to do is pull up, get tested, and wait for your results via email. Learn more by visiting our website at #COVID19 #GreenvilleSC

  • People reached: 926
  • Link clicks: 14
  • Impressions: 1,020
  • Ad was running for three days
  • Used a “Book Now” button for a landing page

Boost 2

Caption: Are you planning on traveling in the near future and need your COVID-19 testing results back fast? ARCpoint Labs in Greenville, SC is now offering drive thru services! Testing quick and simple! Feel safe in your own car all while getting fast results by next business day via email. #covidtesting #GreenvilleSC

  • People reached: 657
  • Link clicks: 3
  • Impressions: 692
  • Ad was running for three days
  • Used a “Learn More” button for a landing page

Boost 3

Caption: Are you required to get a COVID-19 test before moving into your college dorm this week? You’re in luck because ARCpoint Labs of Greenville, SC now offers drive thru testing! Not only will you feel comfortable in the safety of your own car, but our test is RAPID and you’ll receive results next business day! Book now by clicking the link below. #GreenvilleSC #COVIDtesting #YEAHTHATGREENVILLE

  • People reached: 2,772
  • Reactions: 34 (likes, comments and shares)
  • Link clicks: a whopping 334
  • Impressions: 3,215
  • Ad was running for four days (we saw better results with an extra day)
  • Used a “Book Now” button for a landing page (this was evidently the best call-to-action button)

Boost 4

Caption: Our drive thru COVID-19 testing gives ?̲?̲?̲?̲?̲ results and is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Schedule your appointment online, go to our drive thru location and follow the signs, and get your results via a secure email as soon as 1 business day. Schedule your appointment here: #COVID19 #GreenvilleSC #RAPIDtesting #YEAHTHATGREENVILLE
Be sure to use the code ?̲?̲?̲?̲?̲ for $10 off any test at our drive thru testing site in Greenville, SC!

  • People reached: 950
  • Link clicks: 130
  • Impressions: 1,098
  • Ad was running for four days
  • Used a “Book Now” button for a landing page

These targeted ads resulted in a total 17,743 impressions, plus 250 clicks over to ARCpoint Labs’ website. 

Facebook Boosting and Rallio Local: a Winning Combination

By partnering with Rallio, ARCpoint Labs was able to serve local communities and spread awareness of their testing capabilities during uncertain times. Locations that have opted into Rallio Local are able to exponentially increase their results on social media, thanks to the efforts of Social Strategists who are dedicated to their success.

Rallio Local has helped hundreds of franchisees to make a local impact and experience extraordinary month-over-month results. To find out more about Rallio Local and how we can help your business, contact

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