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11 Days of Instagram Caption Ideas

In our last post, we explained Instagram grid layouts — an easy way to make your page look like one cohesive work of art instead of a random series of photos. Now that you’re an Instagram grid guru, you might be wondering, what do I post on Instagram? Glad you asked — because we’ve got Instagram caption ideas to spark your imagination!

The captions below are not “cut and paste,” meaning you will need to customize them for your business. Obviously, you also need your own photos to post. However, with these Instagram caption ideas in hand, you’ll have plenty to work with when you’re snapping photos and figuring out what to post.

What other Instagram caption ideas can you come up with? Challenge yourself to get creative and think outside the square — the Instagram square, that is. Snap some personalized photos, add your own caption and hashtags, and create a grid layout of your own to start making the most of your Instagram profile.

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Instagram grid layouts

#1 Get a Case of the Mondays

Play off the day of the week, like Mondays and Fridays. It’s a relatable topic that everyone understands and probably has an opinion about.

Example: I don’t know about you, but I like Mondays. ?? I actually wake up excited to start a new week. It’s true: Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life, including Mondays. Anyone feel the same way?

#2 Quote Somebody

Quotes are one of the easiest types of posts you can create. Throw a quote into a nice layout ( makes it easy), and voila! There’s your post.

Example: “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” — Abraham Lincoln

#3 Talk About Your Industry

Post something about trend in your industry that your followers would want to know more about. You’re the expert on something, so share your knowledge!

Example (for a marketing company): Video will continue to be a dominant focus on Instagram going forward. Comment below and let us know: Are you using video in your social media content? Why or why not?

#4 Post a Testimonial

Ask a happy customer to give you a review, and get their permission to take a photo of them. Nothing is more powerful than the words of someone who loves your brand!

For this example, use your customer’s own words, shortening it as needed for purposes of a caption. If the customer is OK with it, tag them in the photo and ask them to share the post on their own profile. 

#5 Post a How-To

Take a video of yourself explaining how to use one of your products or services. Keep it short and sweet but helpful, too.

A furniture company could post a video explaining how to care for a leather sofa. A beauty brand could post a tutorial for applying face serum. The possibilities are endless!

#6 Post an Offer

Offers shouldn’t be the bulk of your page, but they can be sprinkled in. Make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t look like a giant “Sale!” sign. You can easily grab a nice product photo from your website and add a caption that explains the offer.

Example: Don’t miss out! For three days only, get free shipping and 25% off your order when you spend $99. Head over to the link in our bio to snag this deal before it’s gone!

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social media content ideas

#7 Post a Giveaway

Like offers, giveaways can be mixed in among your regular content to gain engagement and get your followers excited about your page. Try partnering with another brand to collaborate on the giveaway.

For this example, spell out the contest rules clearly and make sure you add in language that encourages people to follow and engage with your brand.

#8 Post a Behind-The-Scenes Photo

Who started your company? Who’s your star employee of the month? What fun events do you do as a team? Get snapping and tell your followers about it!

Example: This is Christie. She runs our front desk like a boss and always has a smile on her face. She also makes the best German chocolate cake this side of the Colorado River, and she has three adorable beagles she sometimes brings to work. Leave a comment below and give Christie a shoutout!

#9 Post a Fun Fact

Again, you’re the pro. What information can you share with your followers?

Example for a cleaning company: Ever feel like your floor is constantly getting dirty? Cut down on the dirt and germs by removing your shoes every time you walk in the door. If you have pets, consider purchasing pet-friendly paw wipes to reduce the amount of dirt tracked inside.

#10 Make a Prediction

What industry predictions can you make? Pull out your crystal ball, and take a few wild guesses!

Example: Here it is: our top three predictions for the latest and greatest in [XYZ industry] trends for 2022.

  • Prediction 1
  • Prediction 2
  • Prediction 3

What about you? What are your top predictions?

#11 Focus on the Little Things

Like a day of the week, talking about small, relatable topics has a way of connecting with your followers.

Example: Never underestimate the power of a smile from a stranger, a chocolate chip cookie hot out of the oven, and fresh, clean sheets on the bed. Today, we are grateful for all the little things.

Instagram Caption Ideas Are Easy Once You Get Rolling

You’ll notice that the ideas above are repeatable, so you can recycle the same ideas with different captions and photos to keep your content fresh. You’ll never run out of content this way!

Of course, not everyone has time to post on Instagram if you’re busy running your business. Does your business need help posting more frequently? Contact us at Rallio and we’ll help you out!

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